Affiche Festival Annecy

MIFA 2022

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  • Date

    14 Jun. 2022 17 Jun. 2022
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    Impérial Palace, All. de l'Impérial, 74000 Annecy

The Annecy Festival has been a worldwide animated film event for 60 years. Through the International Animation Film Market (MIFA), it gives professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas, create a network and develop their projects.

Film Paris Region will be present in person for this edition to help you discover the resources of Paris Region. Meet Paris Region service providers who have been hosted at our booth!


Films supported by the Paris Region

Official Competition

Copyright Picture : SAULES AVEUGLES, FEMME ENDORMIE de Pierre Foldes
Produced by Cinéma Defacto and Miyu Productions in co-production avec Doghouse Films, Micro_scope & Productions L'Unité Centrale, An Orignal Pictures, Studio Ma, Arte France Cinema, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma.
Room Distribution :  Gebeka Films  - International sale : The Match Factory

Work in Progress


MIYU Productions "Saules Aveugles, Femme Endormie"
© Crédit : MIYU Productions "Saules Aveugles, Femme Endormie"
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Studio Oracle
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APC Kids
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4.21 Production
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Mercenaries Engineering
Dada ! Animation
Dada animation
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Studio Oracle

"We are hybrid, we create and tell animated stories." - Guillaume Bricout

Royal Kobra in 2D and 3D for GM6 Production and broadcast on Orange TV.

We are currently developing several original series projects (Youth & Adult) and are looking for co-producers / broadcasters. 
We are also involved in executive production and are looking for projects to manufacture.

APC Kids

"APC Kids and Zephyr Animation have opted for a boutique approach: we devote our talents, experience and network to a carefully selected range of productions, and we work with some of the most creative independent producers in the world. This enables APC Kids to develop new youth brands in collaboration with broadcasters and digital platforms around the world. Customized solutions and long-term collaboration with producers are at the core of our identity." - Lionel Marty, Managing Director

The animated series Kid-E-Cats which is broadcast in over 150 countries.

APC Kids is looking to support projects, production companies and talent as an international distributor, as well as in co-production and co-development through its production subsidiary Zephyr Animation.

4.21 Productions 

4.21 Productions develops, produces and manufactures projects with original identities.

Tom Tom and Nana for Canal+.

  • To promote our new production and support the events of our international vendor
  • Hold development meetings for future projects
  • Recruit 2D animators

Mercenaries Engineering

Mercenaries Engineering is a French company that was created in 2008 to address the specific issues of the animation and special effects industries. Two product lines are produced by the company: Guerilla and Rumba.

Guerilla Station / Guerilla Render is a proven lookdev production, assembly, illumination and rendering solution that has been used on productions such as Arcane, Merlin/Fireheart, Notre-Dame on Fire, Ford vs. Ferrari/Le Mans 66, Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening, Minuscule 2 Mandibles from Far Away, Playmobil the Movie, Grizzy and the Lemmings, ...
Specially designed for animation, Rumba aims to make the animation process quick and intuitive.

Playmobil the Movie (On Entertainment)

As software publishers, our presence at MIFA has two objectives: visibility and meetings with studios that may buy our software. Encounters with schools are also interesting.

Dada Animation !

"Our innovative pipeline, which is powered by new technologies, allows us to invest every euro into creativity, image quality and execution." - Jean-François Ramos, Producer

Les HOOFS de TFOU for TF1.

We want to take advantage of the MIFA to showcase both our services (from editorial design to the production of virtual worlds, films and VR experiences in our CGI studio) and present our original animation series projects (Mekka Nikki, The Nébulons, French Pâtisserie, Capitaine Tonus) to the market.  In addition, we want to meet young animation talents (especially students and artists who are interested in real time).


Since 2016, Valentine de Blignières and Julien Bagnol-Roy have been producing youth series and developing family feature films with the ambition of providing young and old viewers with increasingly enlightened and joyful visions of the world.

Pompon Little Bear

Supamonks is looking for partners (broadcasters, distributors, co-producers) for its productions and offers the broad and acknowledged technical skills of its studio (3D, 2D).

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