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Film Paris Region supports French and foreign productions that wish to produce in one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world.

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Film Paris Region highlights news that dovetail with one or several themes.
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Green Screen report: a review of five years of European work

For 5 years, Film Paris Region has been participating in the European Green screen project, and leads a reflection on improving European policies on sustainable development in the audiovisual industry.

Film Paris Region will host a meeting to present all the themes of the last 5 years: from the…

Producing in Paris Region means benefiting from an ambitious regional policy to support productions, innovative infrastructures, qualified professionals and a unique architectural heritage.

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Film Paris Region has compiled a database of more than 2,000 sets in the 8 departments of Paris Region that is regularly updated.

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Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
Louis Vuitton Foundation
National Dance Center

To help you set up your project in Île-de-France, Film Paris Region has compiled a directory of all the resources you need: service providers, studios, associations, etc. Find the right contacts for every stage of your project:

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Last successful productions filmed in the Paris region and support by our team:
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Discover the next films and series filmed in Paris Region and referenced by our partner AFAR
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12 Ans, 7 Mois et 11 jours
Ile de France et Région Grand Est (Epinal)
24 Nov. 2022 23 Dec. 2022
Un gars, Une fille - Prime Hommage
Ile de France
20 Oct. 2022 30 Nov. 2022
La Vénus d'Argent
Paris, Normandie
17 Oct. 2022 28 Nov. 2022
Paris, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexique
6 Sep. 2022 3 Mar. 2023
Paris & Île-de-France, Bretagne, Paca, Guadeloupe, Capetown.
16 Aug. 2022 13 Dec. 2022
France (Paris, Aubervilliers, Saint-Ouen, Nice)
30 May. 2022 10 Dec. 2022