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From prep to post-production: find your resources in Paris Region
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With over 50% of films made in the region, Paris Region is the most popular region for productions. From locations to filming to post-production, Film Paris Region helps you to find the resources you need for each phase of your project.


Find your location

Film in natural locations

Film Paris Region works with the managers of public or similar venues to prepare for your filming in these locations. Find your location among over 2000 references in our Location database. The production support team expands it daily and remains available for more specific searches if necessary.

Choose the right studio for your needs

Paris Region has a wide range of studios that can accommodate all your projects. Whether you need one day or six months of filming, a surface area of 100 or 1000 square feet, whether you need to build recurring sets or recreate an entire street, Paris Region has the best infrastructure in France.
You can find these studios in our Resource guide, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

In our Resource Guide, you will find all the service providers, companies, studios and associations located in Paris Region. And choose the ones you need according to the stage of your project.

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Compose your set

Paris Region has a very large number of resources within its territory.

Get your team together

90% of filming professionals work in Paris Region. Choosing Paris Region means having the best professionals in the area for your project:

  • Find your technical team in Paris Region on the base Movinmotion (in french).
  • Looking for actors? Find the list of performing arts agencies in the region in our Resource guide.

Rent your material

Many rental companies are located in Paris Region. Find all the audiovisual service providers based in Paris Region in our Resource guide.

Find a service provider for your visual effects

Depending on the nature of your project and your needs, please visit VFX France to find the right company.

Make your set more eco-friendly

Film Paris Region is a founding member of the Ecoprod association and is committed to environmentally responsible practices on the set. Our Resource guide has a filter that allows you to easily find companies that have signed the Ecoprod charter.


Organize your post-production

  • Find specialized post-production service providers on the site VFX France
  • Find the right post-production studio for your needs in our Resource guide.
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