Égalité des chances

Equal opportunity

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Film Paris Region is committed to equal opportunity in the film and audiovisual industry in order to support parity and diversity and fight against all forms of discrimination.

  • 42%

    difference between the salary of a male director and a female director

Promoting parity

In 2020, Film Paris Region became a member of the 50/50 Collective. Created by professionals of the image sector, the Collective proposes joint times of reflection through Parity Conferences, which are enriched by a range of complementary tools:

  • An equality observatory: to promote collective awareness and quantify changes.
  • A guide for the prevention and fight against sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the audiovisual and film industry.
  • A directory of less visible professionals
  • Charters: for inclusion in the film and audiovisual industry and for parity and diversity in film distribution and exhibition companies.
Collectif 50 50

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Promoting integration

Audiens, in partnership with Agefiph and the cinema and audiovisual committees for health, safety and working conditions (CCHSCT), has initiated a Mission for Disability in the Performing and Recorded Arts. Its aim is to continue to develop professional practices on disability in the audiovisual, film, live performance, technical service provider and radio sectors, as well as in the music and sound recording industries.

The Mission for Disability in the Performing and Recorded Arts offers operational expertise to companies wishing to find concrete solutions to meet their obligation to employ disabled workers (OETH): 

  • raising employee awareness about disability,
  • employment retention advice, 
  • search for profiles and mobilization of financial, technical and human aid for the hiring of a disabled worker,
  • expertise for subcontracting with the protected and adapted sector, search for service providers (translation of synopsis, subtitling, dubbing...)


Promoting diversity

Film Paris Region supports Paris Region's initiatives to promote greater diversity in the film and audiovisual industry: 
The Kourtrajmé collective has opened a school based in Montfermeil in Seine-Saint-Denis that allows for anyone aged 18 and over to learn the craft of filmmaking. The training is free of charge, no diploma is required. The goal is to train a greater diversity of professionals.