MIFA 2023

MIFA - Annecy 2023

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    13 Jun. 2023 16 Jun. 2023

Paris Region is developing an active support policy for animation, for both film and audiovisual formats, thanks to its Support Fund. Many internationally renowned companies are located in the Paris Region, such as Mikros Animation.

As in previous years, Film Paris Region will be present at the Annecy International Animation Film Market to present the region's unique assets.

Learn more about the program and how to participate in the 2023 edition


This year, Film Paris Region is hosting 6 animation companies based in Paris Region at our booth.
Get a sneak peek of their work before meeting them in person at Annecy in June:

APC Kids

When was your company founded? 2017

Our boutique approach: we dedicate our talents, experience, and network capabilities to a limited number of carefully chosen productions, along with some of the most creative independent producers worldwide.

What has been your biggest success to date?
As international distributor, we have optimised preschool animation series Kid-E-Cats’ exposure in more than 150 countries, on +30 free-to-air TV broadcasters and leading streaming platforms, helping it become a 360 brand with +70 licensees and 24 mobile games.

What's the project that you're most passionate about for 2023-2024?
We have just entered production for Lana Longbeard, a comedy-adventure 52 x 11’ series co-produced by our production arm Zephyr and Copernicus Studios (Canada), pre-sold to Warner Bros. Discovery (EMEA), Super RTL (GSA), M6 Group’s Gulli (France) and CBC and Wildbrain (Canada). Lana Longbeard follows the adventures of a super-feisty, forward-thinking and passionate 11-year-old girl, who is also the heir to her father’s adventuring ship, the Mighty Windbreaker.


Dark Matters

 When was your company founded? 2021

DARK MATTERS is an innovative production complex, just outside Paris, specialised in Virtual and Real-Time production as well as hardware and software innovation. With 15,000 m² of studios, the largest European motion capture set, LED virtual systems, in-house creative services providing content creation (previs and VAD), it offers filmmakers a full-service destination for film and series, advertising, TV broadcast and gaming. 
We accompany productions across the entire production value chain with in-house fully integrated services and a team of experts with a track record across numerous productions, including some of the most innovative virtual productions in recent years. 

Mercenaries Engineering
 When was your company founded? 2008

Mercenaries Engineering is a French company created in Paris in 2008 to develop high-end innovative software specifically designed for the animation and the VFX industries. 
First known as the editor of Guerilla Station/Guerilla Render, the production-proven look development, assembly, lighting and rendering software, the company recently released Rumba, the new generation 3d animation software.
Mercenaries Engineering has established itself as a leading provider of services for film and audiovisual productions, with some of its biggest successes coming from high-profile projects like Arcane, Ford v. Ferrari, John Wick 4, Fireheart, Playmobil the Movie, and the highly anticipated Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, as well as Miraculous the Movie. 
The company's expertise in engineering and first class technical support has allowed it to play a key role in the success of these productions, contributing to their high-quality visual effects and overall production value. With a track record of success in the film and series industry, Mercenaries Engineering is poised to continue delivering outstanding services to studios for their future projects.


La Station Animation

When was your company founded? 2002

We are a production company that prioritizes creativity, innovation, and auteurs to offer groundbreaking and original films and series in the market.

What has been your biggest success to date?
Sahara, from Pierre Coré

What's the project that you're most passionate about for 2023-2024?
Inspecteur Croquettes from Benoît Delépine (film 2D), Extra-terriens from Pierre Coré (film 3D)


Studio Oracle

When was your company founded? 2016

Experimental graphic and narrative lab, creating new IPs by blending 2D/3D animation techniques with 3D printing, animatronics, and live-action shooting.

What has been your biggest success to date? 
Royal Kobra - Special TV anime

What's the project that you're most passionate about for 2023-2024?
Poussières de Pan



What the prod

When was your company founded? 2010

WHAT THE PROD aims to break down silos and produce innovative cross-media content, in a strategy of hybridization of works. Our 360° editorial approach is guided by a strong heritage theme and the influence of "made in France", from video games to series (documentary, animation, live), including film, metaverse and immersive experiences (VR).