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Circul'Art 2

Developing ecoproduction in the image sector
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The Circul'Art 2 project, led by Film Paris Region with the support of Paris Region, Ademe and Ecoprod, will be launched on January 25, 2021 during the Paris Images Production Forum. As part of the COP Paris Region 2020, it aims to encourage film and audiovisual professionals to adopt environmentally responsible practices, in particular by identifying existing solutions in Paris Region.

In 2010, Film Paris Region and the Ecoprod Collective emphasized the importance for the film and audiovisual sectors to reduce their carbon footprint. Film crew professions are particularly concerned since they are among the largest emitters:

  • 1,7 million tons

    CO2 emissions by the sector
  • 20 %

    percentage of these emissions linked to the construction of sets
  • 40 %

    of sets: have an unknown outlet

In 2020, Film Paris Region, Ecodéco Ciné and ADC-MAD, with the help of sociologist Samuel Zarka, launched a survey aimed at film crews in order to gain a better understanding of their practices, the structural inertia of the sector and possible levers for action.

This survey was conducted with 331 film crew professionals in order to change their habits and improve their practices.

99% of them are aware of their impact and wish to be trained in eco-design.

In line with the COP Paris Region 2020, Film Paris Region has confirmed its commitment to ecoproduction through the Circul'Art 2 project. In the current unprecedented context, this project should help strengthen the Image sector and open up new job opportunities in Paris Region.
Jérémy Redler, President of Film Paris Region

Based on these findings, Film Paris Region and its partners have developed recommendations for industry professionals and institutions, which are presented in this summary.

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In close collaboration with film locations, recycling centers, material libraries, professional associations, representative bodies of the industry and stakeholders in the circular economy, Film Paris Region has developed several lines of action to support professionals in this transition:

  • The implementation of a pilot project in a Paris Region studio to develop ideas and innovations in ecoproduction. The company Fin de déchets was recruited to work with TSF Studios to improve the sorting and recycling process on their site and to set up a protocol that could be used by other studios.
  • The identification and promotion of virtuous initiatives via a Resource Guide in Paris Region which will allow you to find the companies that have signed the Ecoprod Charter