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Since its beginning, Film Paris Region is committed to promoting and developing good eco-responsible practices in the audiovisual industry.

As a founding member of the Ecoprod collective and partner of the European Green Screen program, Film Paris Region has been developing its skills in eco-production for over ten years:

  • Identification and promotion of "green" service providers and initiatives in the Paris region
  • Training for film locations
  • Awareness-raising work for all actors in the production chain

Watch this space to read about the details of our actions in terms of eco-production.

The Paris Region bonus: encouraging ecological transition of film productions

The Paris Region supports productions that include a strong eco-responsible aspect in their project through an "innovation bonus" scheme.
Thanks to this initiative, projects granted the Paris region’s Support Fund are awarded an enhanced grant when they show proof of spending on innovative technologies or practices. As a groundbreaking new practice, embracing eco-production makes your project eligible for the scheme.

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