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Resource Guide

To help you set up your audiovisual or film project in the Paris Region, Film Paris Region has created this Resource Guide, listing the services available in our region.

You can search based on your project's production phase, its geographical location or the service or sub-service you require. And to assist you in taking an environmentally friendly approach, an "ecoprod" filter is also available, giving you access to all the organizations that adhere to the Ecoprod charter.

Production Phases


Companies adhering to the Ecoprod charter
Providers available (50)
Production virtuelle
XR production
2 factory
75 Paris 04
Prestation de tournage
Accor hôtellerie marché tv et cinéma
75 Paris 08
Adr - association des repereurs
75 Paris 19
Producteur exécutif
Booking agency
Agence artistique djouhra
75 Paris 02
Prestation de tournage
André pignol
94 Alfortville
Labor union
Animfrance (ex spfa)
75 Paris 11