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  • Paris Region, an attractive destination for international film companies.

Paris Region, an attractive destination for international film companies.

Published on 19 June 2023
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Rodeo FX, a Canadian company specializing in visual effects for film, television, and advertising, has chosen Paris Region as a strategic location for its expansion in Europe. Their new Parisian studio complements the rich offering of visual effects companies in the region.

For nearly 20 years, Film Paris Region has been leveraging its expertise to support French and international businesses. Throughout Rodeo FX's establishment, they have received personalized guidance from our team and partners at Choose Paris Region.
This decision by the Montreal-based company further confirms our region's leadership as a center of excellence for the film and audiovisual industry in Europe.
The new Parisian studio answered our questions during the inauguration of their premises in June 2023.

Interview with:
Sébastien Moreau, Founder and CEO
Michel Fournier, Chief Financial Officer
Isabelle Langlois, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer

What services does your company provide to film and series producers?

Michel Fournier: Rodeo FX offers high-end visual effects services for films and series. We provide a complete range of services including animation, practical effects, previsualization, conceptualization, post-visualization, anchoring, 3D set extension, virtual cinematography, texturing, modeling, lighting, shading, rendering, digital environments, and virtual sets. We offer these services worldwide and partner with major film studios. We are one of the largest independent VFX studios in the world with nearly 900 employees and have offices in North America and Europe.

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: Rodeo FX aims to be a creative partner for television and film studios. With a team of experienced VFX Supervisors, we handle the entire VFX pipeline from concept to final delivery.

Why did you want to have a presence in Europe, particularly in France?

Michel Fournier: Rodeo FX chose Europe for its proximity to VFX training schools and the ease of recruitment within the European region. We opted for France due to the international tax credit (C2I) and the VFX bonus, which provides an additional 10% enhancement to eligible expenses. This initiative, aligned with the Paris 2030 Goals of the CNC, aims to position France as a leader in this field.

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Black Adam
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Who supported you operationally during your establishment in Paris Region?

Michel Fournier: We were supported by Grant Thornton France for legal services (incorporation, etc.) and accounting services (such as payroll and accounting). We were also assisted by the law firm Arago for human resources aspects (employment contracts, company policies, benefits, etc.). Additionally, we met with Choose Paris Region and the teams at Film Paris Region to discuss various programs related to establishing ourselves in the Paris region.

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: From the very beginning, we have been hiring a large number of European artists. With the growing pool of VFX talent provided by numerous reputable schools in Europe, it becomes attractive for us to open a studio in Paris to benefit from these local talents. The proximity of our cultures and governments has always made communication easy. Moreover, the new tax credit in France for the VFX industry now makes our offer as advantageous as that of Quebec for our clients.

By establishing yourselves in Paris Region, do you aim to expand your client base to the European continent or are you targeting North American productions?

Michel Fournier: The opening of our studio in Paris will allow Rodeo FX to strengthen its position in Europe. French talents will be able to collaborate with us on international productions and work with the world's leading studios.

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: We target both the local clientele and North American productions. Since the majority of major American studios now have a French branch, it is possible to serve the market with local talents. We also aim to develop our advertising services in Europe by offering post-production, visual effects, immersive activations, and even audio services.

Did you immediately consider Paris Region to expand your operations in Europe?

Michel Fournier: We consulted with advisors to guide us in choosing the region for opening a studio in France. We quickly realized that in France, there are two major hubs for our industry: Paris and Montpellier. We chose Paris for the initial phase.

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: We evaluated several regions in Europe over the past years before settling on France. As there was a growing demand from our clients for French workforce and a tax credit that helped support the growth of the VFX market, Paris was undoubtedly the next global hub for visual effects for us.

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What are the next steps for Rodeo FX in the Paris Region?

Michel Fournier: We already have a few contracts for France that are set to begin in the coming months. So the next step is to hire resources as quickly as possible and train these professionals on our production platforms.

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: We have a branch in the 11th arrondissement, and the installation of our equipment is now complete. We have hired an initial production team and started our first Parisian project. Our studio can accommodate around thirty artists, and we hope to fill all these seats by 2024.

What excites you the most about this new adventure?

Michel Fournier: Opening a new chapter in the relationship between Rodeo FX and France is what excites me the most. We have always been extremely close, particularly with our ties to the Francophone world. But entering the European market is also a promise of incredible growth and the emergence of new opportunities that we are eager to explore!

Sébastien Moreau & Isabelle Langlois: Opening a new studio always brings a lot of pride, both for us and for our employees. I think it demonstrates sound resource management and showcases our strong growth ambition. What's special about this new studio is that we have the opportunity to communicate in our own language!


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