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2024 Olympic Games: Shooting a film or series in Paris and Paris Region

Published on 10 October 2023
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For film professionals who are wondering about the impact of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games on their production activity in Paris Region, and about the possibility of shooting films or series during this period, Film Paris Region is developing an evolving resource page, collecting practical information and concrete solutions to help you continue your activity in the capital or nearby towns in Paris Region.

Paris Region is France's leading film location, and is putting everything in place to optimise your shooting conditions during this unique event, which will be a source of attraction and of storytelling opportunities for scriptwriters and filmmakers.

  • 26 July

    The flame arrives in Paris
  • 600,000

    expected visitors
  • 6

    kilometers along the Seine River


Key informations

Key dates:

Torch Relay in Paris Region  (Paris on 14 and 15 July)

Olympic Games
with 2 local road events with a limited impact over 11 days in total:

  • Cycling : 27 July, 3-4 August (Paris – Yvelines)
  • Marathon : 10 -11 August (Paris – Sud Hauts de Seine - Versailles)

Paralympic Games

A limited congestion in time and space in Paris...

What concrete impact will the Olympic Games have on professionals wishing to film in Paris?

The organisers of the Paris 2024 Games have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5m tonnes to 3.3m tonnes. To achieve this, 95% of the infrastructure dedicated to hosting the Olympic Games will be pre-existing buildings, limiting the inconvenience caused, particularly outside Paris.

it will still be possible to film in Paris Region throughout 2024, thanks to an appropriate preparation and a good knowledge of the dates and locations of the Olympic festivities, as well as the alternative solutions available to you.

Maps of sites and events linked to the Olympic Games:

  • Some streets will be completely closed for the Road Events, with the unavailability of sets to be anticipated in each case during the set-up and dismantling phases.
  • The Seine and a number of key roads will be severely disrupted throughout the period. It is advised to prepare for alternatives now.

There will be 3 main periods in 2024 for filming near the Olympic venues in Paris:


  • From 16 March to 15 June (when the Olympic venues are being set up): standard filming will be allowed; exceptional filming will be limited.
  • From 16 June to 15 September (before and during the competition): there will be no filming within the security perimeter of the Olympic venues.
  • From 16 September to 30 October (dismantling period): standard filming will be allowed; exceptional filming will be limited. 

Before and after these periods, there will be no particular restrictions, but vigilance will be required with regard to filming requests near sensitive sites.


... and in Paris Region

With an area of 12,000km2 and an exceptional diversity of landscapes, Paris Region will remain widely accessible for filming during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • A number of major event and celebration sites will also be heavily involved: the Canal Saint-Denis and the Parc Georges Vallebon in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Nanterre in Hauts-de-Seine (92) and Versailles in Yvelines (78).

  • Priority will be given to the Olympic Games in the communes of Seine-Saint-Denis (the Olympic Village in Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen in particular), but they will continue to examine filming requests taking into account the desired perimeter, with particular vigilance near the Olympic Games sites.  
  • Local authorities in other French departments, such as Versailles, will continue to issue permits, taking into account the requested perimeter and dates. The Château de Versailles will be closed to filming during the summer.
  • A number of sports facilities will be mobilised for events and training, but many alternatives (gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports complexes) will remain accessible throughout Paris Region. 
  • A lane will be reserved for the Olympic Games on all the main roads in Paris Region, so you will need to plan ahead for traffic jams during this period.


A limited impact in Paris Region. Find below the list of the Olympic sites :

Explore the map of competition venues in Paris Region during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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The alternatives

Numerous film sets for all your needs

Paris Region has a large network of studios throughout the region. From the smallest to the most innovative, a wide range of configurations are available depending on the nature of your project. Studios in Paris Region offer a safe alternative for recreating Paris or any other city on set.

Find out more about the studios and film sets available in Paris Region in our Resource Guide.

cartographie FPR studios plateau de tournage ile-de-france 2023
cartographie FPR studios plateau de tournage ile-de-france 2023

"Paris Look alike"

Paris Region has an abundance of varied natural backdrops that can easily be used to recreate Paris or other iconic locations. From picturesque streets to majestic châteaux, forests, lakes and parks, the multitude of possibilities at your disposal will allow you to create the atmosphere you're looking for, without needing to shoot in the heart of the Olympic excitement.

Natural settings just a few kilometres from the capital, in Paris Region, for shooting Paris outside of Paris.

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Media : shooting in Paris during the Olympic Games


Media wishing to film in Paris will need accreditation at the Media Centre.
Media Centre : Carreau du Temple, 4 Rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris.

Is parking charged in Paris and Paris Region ?
Yes, parking for technical vehicles will have to be paid for in accordance with the procedures defined by each commune.


Filming in public spaces will be possible :

WITHOUT AUTHORISATION IF : you travel with light equipment, without reserved parking AND with a team of fewer than 5 people.

AUTHORISATION REQUIRED IF: Your team is made up of 5 people or more.

Who should you apply to for permission to film?

  • In Paris: Mission Cinéma. Contact :
  • In Paris Region outside of Paris: contact the local town hall directly. Film Paris Region can help you make the connection :


Shooting on an Olympic Site

Who do I contact for authorisation?
The IOC press office. The IOC will shortly be putting a website dedicated to welcoming journalists on line, with :

  • practical information on filming locations
  • information on potential subjects for reporting

The Olympic Games and cinema

The Olympic Games and cinema share a strong unifying power and an ability to broadcast intense emotions to a wide audience. For a region, this is a unique opportunity to incorporate the "Olympic legacy" into its cinematic history.

The Olympic Games are symbols of unity, sharing and peace between the participating nations. The Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence are complemented by the Paralympic values of determination, equality, inspiration and courage. 

At previous editions of the Games, the organisers have asked some of the greatest names in cinema to film the various sporting competitions: Kon Ichikawa, Claude Lelouch, Milos Forman, Carlos Saura, Naomi Kawase or Danny Boyle, with his famous cameo of Queen Elizabeth II at the opening ceremony in London.

Some forty official documentaries have been filmed to cover the various events, and more than a dozen fiction films have taken it as their subject or backdrop. Most recently, French director Xavier Gens seized the opportunity to create a dystopian Paris, filming the story of a shark in the Seine during the 2024 World Triathlon Championships. Produced by Netflix France and shot in spring 2023, the film benefited from Film Paris Region's support in finding sets, and is due to be broadcast during the Paris Olympic Games.