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Ecoprod is an organization of major stakeholders in the audiovisual and film industry, who are concerned about sustainable development and wish to mobilize the profession on its environmental impact.

Created in 2009 at the initiative of Film Paris Region (then the Ile-de-France Film Commission), Paris Region and TF1, the collective is now composed of 8 active members:
Film Paris Region, Audiens, the National Center for Cinema and Animated Images, the Superior Technical Commission, Film France, France Télévisions, the Media Cluster of Greater Paris and TF1.

Ecoprod invests in the training of students and participates in many professional events in order to raise the awareness of all stakeholders in the sector on environmental "good practices". It also develops and provides professionals with useful resources to reduce the ecological footprint of their activities in a sustainable manner:

  • Carbon'Clap : the first carbon footprint calculator for audiovisual productions. 
  • Ecoproduction guide : which provides a non-exhaustive list of good practices before, during and after filming.
  • Charter for Audiovisual Companies : This tool constitutes a framework for companies in the progressive adoption of an eco-responsible approach and is fully in line with a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.
  • Practical information sheets : produced for each profession, they provide concrete tips for reducing one's carbon footprint effectively and at a lower cost.

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